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Emotional Abuse

Emotional maltreatment. It is sometimes called psychological abuse and can cause serious harm. It may involve:

  • Isolation from services, social opportunities or friends
  • Removing mobility of rommunication aids
  • Intentionally leaving someone unattended when they need assistance
  • Preventing expression of choice or opinion
  • Failure to respect privacy
  • Preventing stimulation, meaningful occupation or activities
  • Intimidation, coercion, harassment, use of threats, humiliation, bullying, swearing or verbal abuse
  • Being patronising or infantilising towards an individual
  • Cyber bullying
  • Preventing acess to services or support.

Possible signs:

  • An air of silence when a particular person is present
  • Withdrawal or noticable changes mood or behaviour
  • Depression, agression, extreme anxiety
  • Signs of distress, tearfulness, anger
  • Obsessions, fears or phobias
  • Sleep disorders, changes in appetite
  • Going missing, stealing and lying
  • Low self-esteem