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Safeguarding Adult Reviews

The LSAB may be required to undertake a Safeguarding Adult Review (SAR) when, as a result of abuse or neglect, an adult dies or is seriously harmed and there is a concern that agencies could have worked together more effectively to protect the adult.  Formal processes are in place in order to carry out such reviews.

Overview reports are published for a period of 12 months. Requests for reports that are "no longer published" should be requested from us by email or in writing.

Learning briefs will remain published to support improvements in practice.

 Case  Overview Report  Learning Brief
 Adult A  No longer published  Published 27 June 2017 
 Adult B No longer published  Published 13 March 2018
 Adult C No longer published   Published 17 July 2018 
 Adult D No longer published  Published 13 March 2018 
 Adult F No longer published  Published 27 February 2019 
 Adult H No longer published  Published 4 June 2019
 Adult G No longer published  Published 23 October 2019 
 Adult I No longer published  Published 11 September 2019 
 Adult J No longer published   Published 27 November 2019 
 Adult K No longer published  Published 10 May 2022 
 Adult L No longer published  Published 10 May 2022 
 Adult M  No longer published  Published 6 Sept 2022
 Adult O  No longer published  Published 10 May 2022 
 Adult P No longer published  Published 10 May 2022 
 Adult T No longer published  Published 6 Sept 2022
Adult S No longer published Not Available


Comparing methodologies for Case Reviews

In 2017, the Lancashire Safeguarding Boards commissioned an independent review of the methodologies used in undertaking Serious Case Reviews and Safeguarding Adult Reviews.  The purpose of the review was to evaluate the benefits and deficits of the Traditional and the Welsh model approach to reviews, in order to seek assurance that the Welsh model is the most effective approach moving forward.

The findings of this review can be found here: