SCR Publications

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Documentation relating to a number of Serious Case Reviews has been published.

Today we publish the Overview Report of four Serious Case Reviews: Child LC; LE; LH; and G.

Learning briefs of three Serious Case Reviews: Child LC; LE; and LH are also published today.  The learning brief for Child G was published in October 2015; publication of the associated historical overview report has been delayed until now due to parallel proceedings.

We also publish learning briefs for two Serious Case Reviews, Child LF and LG.  Overview reports for these cases are delayed in publication due to ongoing parallel proceedings.

A number of recommendations were made in each review and the LSCB and individual agencies have been working to progress the recommendations prior to publication, and continue to do so.  Key learning has been identified and is shared with agencies and professionals via the learning briefs. 

A number of significant projects are planned to address the emerged themes from the reviews published today.  Multi-agency protocols will be strengthened and developed around concealed/denied pregnancies; and support to professionals in escalating concerns regarding referral decisions and multi-agency disagreements.  In addition, the LSCB will lead on the development and roll out of awareness raising campaigns in order to:

  1.  Support professionals in recognising and addressing the seriousness of, and asking challenging questions about, parental use of cannabis;
  2.  Recognise and address the impact that adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) have on parents as they care for their children; and
  3.  Support and awareness raising around the prevention of non-accidental head injuries in babies.

Overview Reports and Learning Briefs can be downloaded here.