About the LSCB

The Lancashire Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) is a statutory partnership Board with an independent chair. Its membership is comprised of senior managers from all statutory agencies in Lancashire. Its purpose is to ensure agencies in Lancashire are working together effectively to keep children safe. It does this through a number of activities such as:

  • Reviewing cases where a child has died or been significantly harmed
  • Providing guidance and multi-agency procedures
  • Quality assurance of multi-agency practice and processes (e.g. Audits, inspection, surveys)
  • Providing multi-agency training
  • Reviewing all child deaths in the County to identify themes and trends

Full details of the functions and responsibilities of the LSCB can be found in the statutory guidance Working Together to Safeguard Children

Business Planning and Priorities

A Business Plan has been developed by the LSCB and has the support of all the Board's partner agencies. It takes account of, and is informed by statutory requirements, and the implementation of LSCB processes: Quality Assurance Framework - Section 11 Audit, Multi Agency case file audits, Performance Indicators. Themes from Serious Case Reviews are inbuilt into our priorities. The plan incorporates the actions required to ensure the Board itself is efficient and effective in fulfilling its statutory responsibilities.

Four key priorities for 2016-18 were agreed at the Board's Development Day on 7th June 2016.  These priorities are:

  • Priority Area 1: Improve the effectiveness of agencies and the community in preventing Child Sexual Exploitation and addressing other complex safeguarding issues (including Female Genital Mutilation; Forced marriage;  honour based violence)
  • Priority Area 2: Improve the effectiveness of agencies in meeting the needs of children missing from home, care and education;
  • Priority Area 3: Improve the effectiveness of safeguarding activity for children in specific circumstances:
      • Children placed in Lancashire from other areas, and those in other areas who are from Lancashire;
      • Children whose parents are in prison;
      • Children in need of support for emotional and mental health issues;
      • Children in need of support with regards to online safety.
  • Priority Area 4: Cross cutting themes
  • Priority Area 5: Ofsted Improvement Plan priorities